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Latin American Cyberculture and Cyberliterature

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781846310614
ISBN-10: 184631061X
Author: Claire Taylor/Thea Pitman
Publication Date: 01-Dec-2007
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Table of Contents: List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Foreword: Latin American Cyberliterature: From the Lettered City to the Creativity of its Citizens - Jesús Martin-Barbero Notes on Contributors Introduction - Clare Taylor and Thea Pitman I Cyberculture and Cybercommunities 1. The New Latin American Cinema: Cortometrajes on the Internet - Debra A. Castillo 2. Cyborgs, Cities, and Celluloid: Memory Machines in Two Latin American Cyborg Films - Geoffrey Kantaris 3. The Cyberart of Corpos Informáticos - Margaret Anne Clarke 4. Latin American Cyberprotest: Before and After the Zapatistas - Thea Pitman 5. Body, Nation, and Identity: Guillermo Gómez-Pena’s Performances on the Web - Niamh Thornton 6. Cyberspace Neighbourhood: The Virtual Construction of Capao Redondo - Lúcia Sá 7. Literary E-magazines in Latin America: From Textual Criticism to Virtual Communities - Shoshannah Holdom 8. Negotiating a (Border Literary) Community Online en la linea - Paul Fallon II Cyberliterature: Avatars and Aficionados 9. Posthumanisn in the Work of Jorge Luis Borges - Stefan Herbrechter and Ivan Callus 10. Julio Cortázar’s Rayuela and the Challenges of Cyberliterature - Rob Rix 11. Contemporary Brazilian Fiction: Between Screens and Printed Pages - Ana Claudia Viegas 12. Creative Processes in Hypermedia Literature: Single Purpose, Multiple Authors - Doménico Chiappe 13. Hypertext in Context: Space and Time in the Hypertext and Hypermedia Fictions of Blas Valdez and Doménico Chiappe - Thea Pitman 14. Virtual Bodies in Cyberspace: Guzik Glantz’s Weblog - Claire Taylor A Cyberliterary Afterword: Of Blogs and Other Matters - Edmundo Paz Soldán Conclusion: Latin American Identity and Cyberspace - Claire Taylor and Thea Pitman Suggested Further Reading Index