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A Guide to Integrated Assurance

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781903494042
ISBN-10: 1903494044
Author: APM Assurance SIG
Publication Date: 10-May-2014
Additional Information:

A Guide to Integrated Assurance enables organisations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their assurance activities.

Written by APM’s Assurance Specific Interest Group, the guide identifies important roles and responsibilities as well as tools and templates to help overcome ‘silo-oriented approaches’  to assurance that do not naturally result in integration.

It is aimed at project managers, sponsors (in particular, those responsible for designing and carrying out assurance activities) and stakeholders with an interest in the successful delivery of the projects, programmes or portfolios.

Readers of this publication may also be interested in Directing Change: A Guide to Governance of Project Management and Models to Improve the Management of Projects.

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