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TransVisuality: The Cultural Dimension of Visuality: Volume 2: Visual Organisations

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781781381786
Author: Tore Kristensen/Anders Michelsen/Frauke Wiegand
Publication Date: 27-Jul-2015
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Table of Contents: CONTRIBUTORS INTRODUCTION Part I. Publics and communities 1. Rafael Cardoso - Flesh and the Beholder: Towards a Phenomenology of Digital Viewing 2. Sambudha Sen - Re-Visioning the Colonial City: Autonomous Spaces, Stereotypes and the Aesthetics of Intermixtures in Kaliprasanna Sinha’s Hutom Pyanchar Noksha 3. Fiona Cameron & Sarah Mengler - Transvisuality, Geopolitics and Cultural Heritage in Global Flows: the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Death of the Virtual Terrorist. 4. Leora Farber - Beyond Self vs. Other. The Other-as-Stranger-Within as Imaged in the Who is Pinky Pinky Series 5. Karl Erik Schøllhammer - Forensic Strategies Against the Traumatic Condition of Culture. Exposure of Wounded Bodies in Brazilian Media and Art 6. Eric Louw – Visualized Politics 7. Khaled Ramadan - Our History and Their Archive. The Substantive Visual Aesthetics of Al Jazeera and its Impact on the Arab World Part II. Bodies and media 8. Marie-Luise Angerer - From Vision To Motion. Image, Affect, Bio-Media 9. Frauke Wiegand - Concrete Memories: The In/Visibility of Bunker Ruins 10. Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen - Interface Screenings. Integrations of the Body According to New Diagrams for Visual Mapping 11. Gunhild Borggreen - Robot Bodies. Visual Transfer of the Technological Uncanny 12. Asbjørn Grønstad - Enfolded by Cinema: The Transvisual Gaze in Tsai Ming-liang's Visage. 13. Lila Lee-Morrison - Drone Warfare. Visual Primacy as a Weapon 14. Kassandra Wellendorf - Elastic Looking and Negotiations of Invisibility in Public Spaces Bibliography Index