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Format: Online
ISSN: 2056-4686
Current Issue: 2017 Nov Vol:23 Iss:6
Issue Date: 01-Nov-2017
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Clinical knowledge, distilled into a handy compendium!  Each article in BJPsych Advances is a specially commissioned overview of a particular psychiatric subject by expert clinicians. They discuss comprehensive, practical approaches to clinical problems and explain the full range of therapeutic options. Many articles also appear with additional commentaries. Advances makes an essential contribution to the continuing medical education of psychiatrists at all levels, but is aimed at any practising mental health professional who needs to be kept informed of current ideas, techniques and developments in psychiatry.

• Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and answers at the end of each article for self-testing.
• Peer-reviewed by experts in the field.
• Regular editorials and series focus on particular key clinical topics and current issues.
• Highlighted boxes summarise all the key points.
• Easy to read: two-colour design and useful sub-headings.
• RCPsych members get online access free of charge and get a discount of 65% off the full price of the print version.

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