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The European Parliament, 9th edition

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780993454950
Author: Corbett; Jacobs; Neville
Publication Date: 02-Aug-2016
Additional Information:

An instant classic when first published in 1990, for more than a quarter-century this has been the premier textbook on the European Parliament. This new 9th edition – the first for five years – has been fully updated and expanded, including all the familiar features and all recent significant developments. The book systematically and clearly covers every aspect of how the Parliament is elected, its internal structures and procedures, its powers and how it relates to the other EU institutions. It is written by insiders with vast accumulated experience of how the Parliament really works, with extra input from dozens of specialists within the Parliament. 

Contents include:
1. The Parliament in context
2. How it is elected
3. Where, when and in quale lingua
4. The individual members
5. The political groups
6. Leadership structures
7. The Parliamentary committees
8. Interparliamentary delegations
9. Plenary
10. Intergroups
11. The Parliament secretariat
12. The Parliament and legislation
13. Budgetary powers
14. Appointment and dismissal
15. Scrutiny and control of the executive
16. A political forum and a channel for communication
17. The EP and National Parliaments
18. Parliament and constitutional change

Appendices: election results since 1979, bibliography


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