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APM Introduction to Programme Management 2nd edition

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781903494585
ISBN-10: 1903494583
Author: APM Programme Mangement SIG
Publication Date: 30-Sep-2016
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“This update to APM Introduction to Programme Management brings new insights as to what programme management is all about. It is an ‘easy read’ for the top executives, for those relatively new to programme management who have a thirst for knowledge and for the project management community who should, and need to, understand how their project management skills play into the ‘bigger picture’.” Sir John Armitt

More than a decade after its release, this substantial refresh of APM Introduction to Programme Management brings practitioners up-to-date with the latest developments in the discipline.

As well as the fundamental principles – what a programme is, how it works and how to review progress - the guide also explores the changing environment in which programmes exist, their relationship to the strategic context of organisations as well as ‘new’ frameworks and ways of working, including the application of agile techniques.

APM Introduction to Programme Management 2nd edition is one of APM’s core introductory texts. Written by experienced practitioners from APM’s Programme Management Specific Interest Group (SIG), it is recommended reading for anyone joining a programme team – or those who want to know how to interact with the programme.

Readers of this publication may also be interested in Directing Agile Change.

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