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Directing Agile Change

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781903494608
ISBN-10: 1903494605
Author: APM Programme Mangement SIG
Publication Date: 30-Sep-2016
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“Agile working is increasingly recognised by organisations as a competitive advantage, where a speedier but controlled response is needed to changing environmental conditions. How should organisations oversee the delivery of agile projects? This guide provides the answer.” Jennifer Stapleton, foreword author.

Directing Agile Change is the latest offering from APM’s Governance Specific Interest Group (SIG).

Written by SIG members Brian Wernham, Adrian Pyne, Roger Garrini and Martin Samphire, this latest guidance is aimed at those involved in the governance of all change initiatives, with an emphasis on those at senior level – board members, sponsors and stage gate reviewers, etc.

Divided into five main sections, the guide covers the main principles of agile governance, when to adopt an agile approach and importantly, how to gain the most value from being agile. Also included are checklists to adopt and key questions to ask.

Directing Agile Change is the first ‘how to’ agile guide published by APM. It seeks to recognise that agile is not limited to software development but can also be applied to many aspects of an organisation.
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