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Modern Lawyer (formerly known as Modern Legal Practice)

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ISSN: 2634-548X
Current Issue: 2022 Jan Vol:5 Iss:4
Issue Date: 01-Jan-2022
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At Modern Lawyer, we believe it’s not just about lawyer moves, or promotions, who is on your legal panel and who isn’t, or even what you were paid last year. It’s about a broader debate and the bigger picture of where the legal profession is going and all the ideas driving this.

Modern Lawyer brings together ideas, opinions, learning and creativity about the future of the legal profession from everyone who is making it happen including in-house counsel, legal tech specialists and alternative law companies as well as traditional law firms.

Previously Modern Legal Practice, the journal is now in an exciting and dynamic new format. It focuses on law firm leadership and is broadening its scope to consider more expansively the future of law and how to shape that in practice.

Each issue features articles by leading practitioners and thought leaders on topics ranging from strategy, business development and leadership, to compensation systems and technology. Our regular Round Table discussions and columns on diversity, culture and mentorship will keep you aware of current issues and reflect your immediate concerns.

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