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The Blue Economy and Small States

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781849291569
Author: Commonwealth Secretariat
Publication Date: 30-Sep-2016
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Number of Pages: 50

Description: Island nations have benefited from their ocean resources for centuries, with marine uses and activities contributing significantly to their development and overall economies. These include a wide range of maritime sectors essential to both current and future economic development, including: capture fisheries; maritime transport and ports; coastal tourism; mineral exploitation; as well as the marine ecosystems and resources that support them. There a growing appreciation of the critical role the oceans play in sustainable economic growth and, as a corollary, the need to better manage and protect coastal and marine ecosystems and resources that are the fundamental basis for that growth. Drawing on international experience in the respective sectors, each volume in the Commonwealth Blue Economy Series provides recommendations that will assist governments to realise opportunities where they exist. It is hoped that the material presented in this volume will stimulate thinking about how small island developing states can benefit from the development of the blue economy by integrating different sectors into the ‘blue growth’ agenda.

Table of Contents: Foreword Acronyms and abbreviations Summary 1 Oceans and the Global Economy 1.1 Purpose of this series and summary of volumes References 2 The Blue Economy Concept 2.1 Defining the blue economy 2.2 Priorities for the blue economy 2.3 Optimising returns from existing activities Endnote References 3 The Blue Economy and Small States 3.1 The blue economy potential in small states 3.2 Fishing 3.3 Maritime transport 3.4 Coastal tourism 3.5 Potential blue economy growth sectors Endnotes References 4 Growing the Blue Economy 4.1 Barriers to blue growth 4.2 Creating the enabling conditions to support blue growth References

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