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Blue Biotechnology

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781849291521
Author: Commonwealth Secretariat
Publication Date: 30-Sep-2016
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Number of Pages: 54

Description: This fifth volume in the Commonwealth Blue Economy Series, Blue Biotechnology, provides a high-level assessment of the opportunities available for economic diversification through the development of a blue biotechnology sector in SIDS for food, health products and pharmaceuticals. It examines relevant examples from around the world, and outlines specific enabling conditions that could assist in moving such a blue biotechnology sector towards becoming an economic reality where opportunities exist.

Table of Contents: Acronyms and Abbreviations Summary 1 Introduction 1.1 Developing a blue economy 1.2 Blue biotechnology References 2. Blue Biotechnology: A Rapidly Developing and Evolving Sector of the Blue Economy 2.1 Blue biotechnology assets 2.2 Bioprospecting and blue biotechnology beyond pharma Endnotes Reference 3 Options and Technologies for Blue Biotechnology 3.1 Blue biotechnology: opportunities across the value pyramid 3.2 Fucodian: An example of commercial potential Endnotes References 4 Enabling Conditions 4.1 Ownership of biological resources 4.2 Bioprospecting options 4.3 Facilitation of research and entrepreneurship 4.4 Developing a centralised biological resource centre 4.5 The SIDS’ brand References 5 Conclusion and Recommendations 5.1 Conclusions 5.2 Recommendations for fostering the development of blue biotechnology 5.3 Blue economy implementation Reference Glossary

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