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Gender Mainstreaming in Finance: A Reference Manual for Governments and Other Stakeholders

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780850926002
Author: Gita Sen
Publication Date: 01-Jun-1999
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Number of Pages: 36

Description: Gender mainstreaming is the current international approach to promoting equality between women and men. It is based on the recognition that gender inequality operates at all levels and in all sectors of society, and thus needs to be addressed in the mainstream. It aims to ensure that women and men benefit equitably from all that society has to offer, and are equally empowered to affect its governance and decisions. The Gender Management System (GMS) is a holistic and system-wide approach to gender mainstreaming developed by the Commonwealth, for the use of governments in partnership with other stakeholders including civil society and the private sector. The GMS is a comprehensive network of structures, mechanisms and processes to enable governments and other organisations to contribute to gender equality through all policy-making, planning and activities. This reference manual has been produced to assist governments and other stakeholders in mainstreaming gender in the finance sector. Other topics covered by publications in the Gender Management System Series include: • Concept and methodology of the GMS • Using gender-sensitive indicators • Development planning • The public service • Education • Trade and industry • Agriculture and rural development • Information and communications • Equal employment opportunities policy

Table of Contents: Preface Executive Summary 1. Introduction Defining Gender Mandates for Gender Equality and Equity in the Finance Sector Ministries of Finance and Gender 2. The Changing Role of Ministries of Finance Ministries of Finance Then Ministries of Finance Now Ministries of Finance and Macroeconomic Management Ministries of Finance and Structural Reforms 3. Mainstreaming Gender in the Work of Ministries of Finance What does Engendering Mean for Macroeconomic Policy? Engendering Ministries of Finance 4. Institutional and Attitudinal Concerns Promoting Attitudinal Change 5. Recommendations for Action Strategic Areas of Action References

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