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Britain Explained: Understanding British Identity

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780993454974
Author: Martin Upham
Publication Date: 18-May-2017
Additional Information:

The 2016 EU referendum underlined Britain’s differences from its continental neighbours. But it also demonstrated how this ‘united’ kingdom is in many ways very disunited. England and Wales voted one way, Northern Ireland and Scotland the other; and within England the provinces voted against London. Such divisions are nothing new. Clashing interests and identities are expressed in every aspect of British history and contemporary life – not only in politics, but in education, the economy, law, culture, sport, religion and social attitudes.
Author Martin Upham spent many years explaining the complexities of British identity to Americans ‘studying abroad’ in London, where he was the director of AHA International (now GEO). This book is based on that experience.

The result is a fascinating expedition that will entertain and educate not just those coming from abroad but also his own fellow citizens − whether they are Brexiters or Remainers.


1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2. Political parties, parliament and elections
3. Monarchy, government and the constitution
4. England and the Union
5. Ireland and the Union
6. Wales and the Union
7. Scotland and the Union
8. London
9. Brexit!
10. Facing the world
11. An open economy
12. Social identities
13. A nation of unbelievers
14. Not just Eton and Oxford
15. Culture for all
16. Playing the game
17. The news media
18. From the cradle to the grave
19. The law of the land
20. Science superpower
21. A green and pleasant land?

130 Illustrations. Index

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