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Emotion in the Library Workplace

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781787430846
Author: SS Hines/M Matteson/SS Hines
Publication Date: 22-Aug-2017
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Number of Pages: 256

Table of Contents:

A Primer on Emotions in the Workplace; Miriam Matteson 
The Potential of Mindfulness in Managing Emotions in Libraries; Brian Quinn  
Associations Between Affect, Personality and Job Satisfaction Among Library Employees: Efficient and Ethical Assessment of Library Staff; Barbara M. Sorondo 
Constructing Authority in Professional Practice: Personal Reflections; Ruth Wallach 
Avoiding Burnout; Margaret Hogarth 
Into the Weeds: Emotions and Deselection in the Library; Lindsey Reno and Megan Lowe 
Emotional Intelligence: A Framework for the Competencies and Traits of Reference and User Services Librarians; Terri Summey 
Legacy Practices: Implications for Leadership; Deborah Gaspar and Kelley Hayden  
Using Civility in the Form of Mindful Speech and Action to Cultivate Empathy among Library Employees; Wendy C. Doucette and Rebecca L. Tolley 
Let’s Talk About How We Talk: Communication Agreements in the Library Workplace; Kabel Stanwicks  
The Role of Intentional Reflective Practice and Mindfulness in Emotional Self-Regulation for Library Administration; Jolene Miller

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