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APM Guide to Contracts and Procurement: For Project, Programme and Portfolio Managers

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781903494660
ISBN-10: 1903494664
Author: APM Contracts & Procurement SIG
Publication Date: 14-Jun-2017
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APM Guide to Contracts and Procurement offers a basic understanding of ‘how to’ procure sub-project works and to manage delivery through the phases of the procurement life cycle.
The guide breaks down the process of procurement of significant packages of work into individual stages. This enables the busy project manager to swiftly understand the key points required at the outset, or mid-flight, when corrective action may be needed.
Each stage includes an easy-to-follow flow diagram, including the necessary inputs and outputs.
Created by a panel of authors with hands-on experience, the guide is aimed at project professionals and stakeholders within organisations e.g. financial officers, who wish to increase their awareness of how sub-projects can be procured.

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