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Philosophical Transactions B 1729: Adult sex ratios and reproductive strategies: a critical re-examination of sex differences in human and animal societies

Publisher: The Royal Society
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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781782522799
Author: ED:Schacht/Kramer/SzékelyKappele
Publication Date: 19-Sep-2017
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Issue compiled and edited by Ryan Schacht, Karen L. Kramer, Tamás Székely and Peter M. Kappeler

The adult sex ratio (ASR) is an underappreciated yet fundamentally important demographic variable. The relative number of adult males to females structures individual reproductive options and, accordingly, the nature of relationships between individuals of the same of opposite sex. Thus, the ASR is expected to pattern variation between males and females in their investment in reproductive competition, mate choosiness and parental care. However, the role of the ASR is underappreciated across studies of social and reproductive behaviour, partly due to limited opportunities and incentives for inter-disciplinary exchange across the social and biological sciences.

Through this theme issue, we aim to contribute to a conceptual, theoretical, and methodological integration across disciplines to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the processes that link the ASR and social behaviour. Achieving this goal is important not only for disciplinary advancement, but also for practical applications in many fields - from human health and violence to population-level responses to climate change.

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