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The Ultimate EU Test Book Administrator 2018

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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781999959524
Author: Andras Baneth
Publication Date: 05-Mar-2018
Additional Information:

The Ultimate EU Test Book Administrators 2018 is designed specifically for those preparing for AD-level European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) competitions for jobs in the EU institutions. It is relevant for all AD5-AD 9, Linguist, and AD Specialist exams.  (Note: a separate edition is available for ASSISTANT competitions.)
The focus is on the so-called pre-selection tests as this is where the great majority of candidates fail.  There are chapters on the skills and shortcuts needed in tackling verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning questions, with comprehensive practice exercises designed to simulate AD-level competitions. Multiple choice questions are accompanied by detailed answer explanations to enable you to understand your mistakes and improve your speed and accuracy. The book also explains what situational judgement tests involve, with practice scenarios and provides a detailed guide to the whole EPSO exam process from start to finish.

1. The EU Personnel Selection and Recruitment Process
2. Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning Tests in EPSO Administrator Exams
3. Succeeding in Verbal Reasoning Tests
4. Verbal Reasoning Test (180 Administrator-level questions with full answer explanations)
5. Succeeding in Numerical Reasoning Tests
6. Numerical Reasoning Test (165 Administrator-level questions with full answer explanations)
7. Succeeding in Abstract Reasoning Tests
8. Abstract Reasoning Test (160 Administrator-level questions with full answer explanations)
9. Succeeding in Situational Judgement Tests
10. Situational Judgement Test (30 scenarios with explanation of options)

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