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The Gulf States, Asia and the Indian Ocean: Ensuring the Security of the Sea Lanes

Publisher: Gerlach Press
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9783959940580
Author: Ed: Niblock, Ahmad, Sun
Publication Date: 01-Jun-2018
Additional Information:
Among the many strategic and economic issues facing the Gulf in the coming years, those relating to the
Indian Ocean are set to be among the most challenging. In the re-ordering of global economic and
political power which is currently underway, the Indian Ocean constitutes a key arena for regional and
global competition and rivalry.
With the leading Asian powers playing a more pro-active role in the region, sometimes with
conflicting ambitions, and the United States intent on maintaining its established maritime hegemony
there, the potential dangers for the Gulf states are considerable. Gulf economic interests and perhaps
regime stability would be severely affected by conflict.
This book contends that the Gulf states need to play an active part in the promotion of Indian Ocean
stability and security, working with other Indian Ocean states to develop institutional structures and
practices which encourage cooperation and provide avenues for conflict resolution. They have
everything to gain from such a strategy.
This volume is based on a workshop held at the Gulf Research Meeting organized by the Gulf Research
Center Cambridge in summer 2017.