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Village Level Aquaculture Development in Africa: Proceedings of the Commonwealth Consultative Workshop on Village Level Aquaculture Development in Africa. Freetown, Sierra Leone. 14-20 February, 1985

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780850923278
Author: Ed: H R King/Ed: K H Ibrahim
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1988
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Number of Pages: 182

Description: The current status and development of small-scale village based aquaculture, particularly fish farming, in Africa, has been the subject of some discussion in recent years. Although the practice of aquaculture in Africa has ancient origins, the advancement of conventional fish farming systems is hindered by a range of technical and socio-economic factors. In an attempt to address some of these difficulties, the Food Production and Rural Development Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat organised the consultation in cooperation with the Government of Sierra Leone in Freetown, from 14 to 20 February 1985. The objectives were: * To examine the technical and socio-economic factors that inhibit the successful introduction of aquaculture to rural communities in Africa. * To identify ways and means of overcoming these problems at governmental and grassroots levels. * To identify technical needs, including training. * To heighten awareness amongst extensionists on the potentials of aquaculture development. Experts in the field from Government institutions, international agencies and private consultants presented technical papers which have been edited and produced in this publication under five themes: - Aquaculture Practices in Africa - Improving Aquaculture Systems - Aquaculture in Development Planning - Research in Aquaculture - Extension The ensuing conclusions and recommendations were crystallized in a 10-point Resolution on Village Aquaculture Development in Africa.

Table of Contents: FOREWORD INTRODUCTION RESOLUTION ON VILLAGE AQUACULTURE DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA 1. AQUACULTURE PRACTICES IN AFRICA Systems in Use and Species Cultivated J D Balarin Fish Introductions Naib B Iscandari Technical and Socio-Economic Factors inhibiting Development J D Balarin 2. IMPROVING AQUACULTURE SYSTEMS Developing Productive Systems under Village Conditions M M J Vincke The Economics of Oyster Culture in Sierra Leone Josie W Elliot Aquaculture in Nigeria Falaye, A E and Akinyemi, O 3. AQUACULTURE IN DEVELOPMENT PLANNING Aquaculture Development and Planning T Gottfried Pillai The Logistics of Fish Farm Project Appraisal J D Balarin 4. RESEARCH IN AQUACULTURE Aquaculture Research in Africa K H Ibrahim Development of Indigenous Species B J McAndrew Fish Feed Technology A G J Tacon Tilapia Hatchery Systems B J McAndrew 5. EXTENSION The Role of Extension in Village Aquaculture Development M M J Vincke APPENDICES

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