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The Source - The Magazine of the International Water Association

Publisher: IWA Publishing
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Format: Subscription (Print)
ISSN: 2631-9977
Current Issue: The Source – The Magazine of the International Water Association 2019 Jun Iss:15
Issue Date: 01-Jun-2019
Additional Information:

The Source magazine is published by the International Water Association. It is included as part of membership of IWA.
Non-member subscriptions can be purchased here through Turpin Distribution and IWA’s publishing company IWA Publishing.The Source magazine provides insights and updates on the latest developments in the water sector around the world.

Regular topics covered include:
- Municipal drinking water supply
- Municipal sewage
- Water utility management
- Urban water
- Aquatic environment / river basins
- Industrial water management

Further details on membership of IWA can be found at

Note: existing IWA members should renew their membership through the IWA website / IWA Connect ( and not this site.

See also the magazine website at: 

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