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Hutton's Arse: 3 billion years of extraordinary geology in Scotland's Northern Highlands, 2nd Edition

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781780460932
Author: Rider, Malcolm/Harrison, Peter
Publication Date: 25-Jul-2019
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Number of Pages: 229

Table of Contents:

About the authors. Introduction. 1. A RED EARTH: The enigma of the ancient Torridonian; 2. DEEP SCAR: THE MOINE THRUST: The story of a bitter scientific controversy; 3. THE FISH GRAVES OF ACHANARRAS: Devonian fish are human ancestors; 4. VOLCANO: The Tertiary volcanic province and the Atlantic opening; 5. THE COMING ICE AGE: Past and future climates in the Highlands; 6. LEFT-OVERS: The Lewisian Gneiss and the creation of continents; 7. HUTTON’S ARSE (1795) Just another planet? 8. THE FUTURE. Index.