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WTO Reform: Reshaping Global Trade Governance for 21st Century Challenges

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781849291866
Author: Teddy Soobramanien/Brendan Vickers/Hilary Enos-Edu
Publication Date: 29-Apr-2019
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Number of Pages: 100

Description: This collection of essays offers timely and expert commentary on some of the challenges confronting the multilateral trading system today, and what reforms could help modernise and strengthen the WTO as the custodian of global trade governance for the twenty-first century. The publication provides historical and up-to-date insights into how reform can be transformational and progressive in nature and broadens the debate by focusing not only on new pathways for decision-making but also on important issues such as the environment and the SDGs. Finally, it highlights the importance of keeping the multilateral trading system alive for the benefit of all states, particularly for small states, Least Developed Countries and sub-Saharan African countries. WTO Reform: Reshaping Global Trade Governance for 21st Century Challenges, is designed to serve as a valuable resource for government officials, trade negotiators, journalists, academics and researchers who are attempting to sort through the complexities of the organisation and the role they can play in supporting a fairer, more inclusive WTO and multilateral trading system.

Table of Contents: Foreword 1. Introduction References 2. Revisiting WTO Reform Rorden Wilkinson 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Reform redux 2.3 Causes, consequences, responses 2.4 The art of reform 2.5 Conclusion References 3. Trade Multilateralism in Crisis: Limitations of Current Debates on Reforming the WTO, and Why a Game-Changer is Necessary Amrita Narlikar 3.1 Is trade multilateralism in crisis? 3.2 Explaining the crisis 3.3 Limitations of the current reform debate 3.4 Developing a game-changer: Recommendations Endnotes References 4. WTO Reform: A Forward-looking Agenda on Environmental Sustainability Carolyn Deere Birkbeck 4.1 Introduction 4.2 The evolving context and state of play on trade and environment 4.3 Updating the WTO trade and environment agenda: Taking stock 39 4.4 A forward-looking trade–environment agenda 48 Endnotes References 5. WTO Reform Proposals: Implications for Developing Countries Lorand Bartels 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Definition of developing countries 5.3 Notifications 5.4 Dispute settlement 5.5 Conclusions Endnotes References 6. Reshaping the WTO: Some Reflections on a Way Forward Teddy Y. Soobramanien and Brendan Vickers 6.1 Introduction 6.2 The WTO: From confidence to crisis 6.3 The WTO as a negotiating forum 6.4 The dispute settlement function 6.5 Conclusion Endnotes References 7. Conclusion Teddy Y. Soobramanien and Brendan Vickers Reference

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