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Philosophical Transactions A 2144: Rivlin's legacy in continuum mechanics and applied mathematics

Publisher: The Royal Society
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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781782523826
Author: Ed: M. Destrade; J. Murphy and G. Saccomandi
Publication Date: 06-May-2019
Additional Information:

Ronald Rivlin (1915-2005) was a highly innovative scientist in the area of Continuum Mechanics (solid and fluid mechanics), interested in direct applications to real-world problems.

Continuum mechanics is at the nexus of mechanics, engineering science and applied mathematics. It is now experiencing a renaissance, due to the need to model soft matter, biological soft tissues and active materials. Physicists, material scientists, engineers and applied mathematicians are embracing continuum mechanics once again, giving the field a wide audience.

Rivlin solved many fundamental problems of continuum mechanics. This issue aims at broadening the appeal of continuum mechanics and at engaging scientists who appreciate the power of its problem-solving methodologies but whose background hinders their immediate appreciation of technical details.

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