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Philosophical Transactions B 1772: The ecology and evolution of prokaryotic CRISPR-Cas adaptive immune systems

Publisher: The Royal Society
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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781782523864
Author: Ed: Westra; van Houte; Gandon; Whitaker
Publication Date: 12-Apr-2019
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The development of groundbreaking CRISPR applications continues to receive a lot of attention. Some putative CRISPR applications would involve the release of CRISPR genes into confined or open environments (for example CRISPR-based gene drives to control mosquitoes that transmit malaria). Such applications require a thorough understanding how CRISPR genes behave in an ecological context. In this special issue we explore this question, by examining the evolutionary history of CRISPR-Cas immune systems, where they occur naturally, when they evolve and how they impact the spread and evolution of other DNA elements. Finally we explore how CRISPR may be exploited in an ecological context for the benefit of human health, and the ethical challenges that are associated with this.

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