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Global Hip Hop Studies (GHHS) - Online

Publisher: Intellect Ltd
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Format: Online
ISSN: 2632-6833
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Global Hip Hop Studies (GHHS) is a rigorous and community-responsive academic journal founded on the premise that hip hop is scholarship. GHHS explores manifestations of hip hop culture in all four of the classic elements (DJing/turntablism, MCing/rapping, graffiti/street art, and B-boy/B-girl dance), the under-examined realms of beatboxing, fashion, identity formation, hip hop nation language (HHNL) and beyond. In short, the journal is a hip hop cipher that aims to examine and expand the ‘fifth element’, knowledge (knowledge of self, historical knowledge, hip hop cultural knowledge and other knowledge paradigms) and its intersections with all the culture’s material, embodied and conceptual forms.

Global Hip Hop Studies:

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