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Advances in Hospitality and Leisure

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781838679569
Author: Ed: Joseph S. Chen
Publication Date: 14-Oct-2019
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Number of Pages: 233

Table of Contents: Full Paper

Chapter 1. Leadership and Tourism Development in Rural South-East Asia: Analysis of a Capacity-Building Project in a Rural Community in Timor Leste; Frederic Bouchon and Bruce Prideaux
Chapter 2. Managing Entitled Employees in the Hospitality Industry: An Exploratory Study; Valentini Kalargyrou, Emmanuel Kalargiros and Paul Harvey
Chapter 3. Constructuring Brand Value of Museums; Wan-Yu LIU and Joseph S. Chen  
Chapter 4. The Role of Grit in Enhancing Job Performance of Frontline Employees: The Moderating Role of Oranizational Tenure; Minseong Kim, Jungmin Lee and Jihye Kim 
Chapter 5. Residents' Attitude and Behavior Towards Legalizing Gambling in a Small Island: Case of Kinmen, Taiwan; Chien-Yi Yang, Ming-Huey Li and Shih-Shuo Yeh
Chapter 6. Memorable Travel Experiences: Qualitative Approach; Hyangmi Kim, Junhyoung Kim, Kyoung Tae Kim and Ya-Ling Chen
Chapter 7. Effects of Scuba Divers' Social Support of Happiness; Li-Ming Ho, Siou-Lan Yang and Jao-Chuan Lin 
Chapter 8. Antecedences of Customers Loyalty in the Paskistani Hospitality Industry; Sadia Cheema, Nirmal Ahsan, Zaira Yasmeen Bukhari and Sadaf Amjad 
Research Note
Chapter 9. The Role of Destination Knowledge and Destination Interest on the Impact of Generation Z's Memory for New Travel Destination Advertisement; Chengming HU and Shu Cole 
Chapter 10. The Concepts and Practices of Social Tourism in South Korea; Kyungmi Kim 
Chapter 11. Determinants of Hotel Room Prices in India; Sameer Mathur and Ashish Dubey

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