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Advances in Hospitality and Leisure

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781838679569
Author: Ed: Joseph S. Chen
Publication Date: 14-Oct-2019
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Number of Pages: 208

Table of Contents: Full Paper

Chapter 1. Leadership and Tourism Development in Rural South-East Asia: Analysis of a Capacity-Building Project in a Rural Community in Timor Leste; Frederic Bouchon and Bruce Prideaux
Chapter 2. Managing Entitled Employees in the Hospitality Industry: An Exploratory Study; Valentini Kalargyrou, Emmanuel Kalargiros and Paul Harvey
Chapter 3. Constructuring Brand Value of Museums; Wan-Yu LIU and Joseph S. Chen  
Chapter 4. The Role of Grit in Enhancing Job Performance of Frontline Employees: The Moderating Role of Oranizational Tenure; Minseong Kim, Jungmin Lee and Jihye Kim 
Chapter 5. Residents' Attitude and Behavior Towards Legalizing Gambling in a Small Island: Case of Kinmen, Taiwan; Chien-Yi Yang, Ming-Huey Li and Shih-Shuo Yeh
Chapter 6. Memorable Travel Experiences: Qualitative Approach; Hyangmi Kim, Junhyoung Kim, Kyoung Tae Kim and Ya-Ling Chen
Chapter 7. Effects of Scuba Divers' Social Support of Happiness; Li-Ming Ho, Siou-Lan Yang and Jao-Chuan Lin 
Chapter 8. Antecedences of Customers Loyalty in the Paskistani Hospitality Industry; Sadia Cheema, Nirmal Ahsan, Zaira Yasmeen Bukhari and Sadaf Amjad 
Research Note
Chapter 9. The Impacts of Destination Knowledge and Destination Interest on Generation Z's Memory of a New Tourism Destination; Chengming HU and Shu Cole 
Chapter 10. The Concepts and Practices of Social Tourism in South Korea; Kyungmi Kim 
Chapter 11. Determinants of Hotel Room Prices in India; Sameer Mathur and Ashish Dubey

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