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Teacher Preparation in Australia: History, Policy and Future Directions

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781787437722
Author: Thomas O'Donoghue/Keith Moore
Publication Date: 30-Oct-2019
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Number of Pages: 208

Table of Contents: Chapter 1. Introduction 

Chapter 2. The Unregulated Phase in Teacher Preparation in Australia: 1788-1850  
Chapter 3. The Apprenticeship Phase: 1850-1900 
Chapter 4. 1900 to 1945 
Chapter 5. The Hegemony of the Teachers' Colleges: 1945-1972 
Chapter 6. Teacher Preparation in Papua New Guinea until National Independence in 1975  
Chapter 7. The Dominance of the Colleges of Advanced Education: 1973-1989 
Chapter 8. The Period of Academization: 1989 - The Present 
Chapter 9. Conclusion

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