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Lesson Study in Initial Teacher Education: Principles and Practices

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781787567986
Author: P Wood/DL Sorton Larssen/N Helgevold/W Cajkler
Publication Date: 29-Nov-2019
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Number of Pages: 270

Table of Contents: Chapter 1. International changes and approaches in Initial Teacher Education; Nina Helgevold and Chris Wilkins

Chapter 2. An Introduction to lesson Study; Deborah L S Larssen 
Chapter 3. Lesson study in ITE - a family of approaches; Wasyl Cajkler and Phil Wood 
Chapter 4. Whose learning in ITE lesson study? Gaining the most from lesson study in relation to learning; Hans Erik Bugge  
Chapter 5. The role of collaborative planning - how to use joint planning as a learning process in Lesson Study; Julie Norton, Nina Helgevold and Raymond Bjuland 
Chapter 6. The role of observation in ITE lesson study; Phil Wood, Wasyl Cajkler and Arne Jakobsen 
Chapter 7. Capturing other perspectives - lesson artefacts, pupil voice, and participatory potential in ITE lesson study; Rebecca Charboneau Stuvland 
Chapter 8. Reflective practice and the lesson study process in initial teacher education; Gro Næsheim- Bjørkvik and Deborah Lynn Sorton Larssen 
Chapter 9. Student-teachers' written reports about their own learning processes from lesson study; M. Neus Álvarez, M.Laura Angelini, Inmaculada López-Lull and Chiara Tasso 
Chapter 10. Tools for helping student-teachers learning the complex work of teaching in Lesson Study cycles; Janne Fauskanger and Raymond Bjuland 
Chapter 11. Lesson study partnerships in initial teacher education; Fay Baldry and Colin Foster 
Chapter 12. The Thorny Issue of Time; Phil Wood 
Chapter 13. Normalization Process Theory in ITE Lesson Study; Phil Wood and Wasyl Cajkler 
Chapter 14. The wider perspective on lesson study - developing a holistic view of practitioner development through pedagogic literacy; Wasyl Cajkler and Phil Wood

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