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Transitions from Vocational Qualifications to Higher Education: Examining Inequalities

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781787569966
Author: Ed: Pallavi Amitava Banerjee/Ed: Debra Myhill
Publication Date: 07-Oct-2019
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Number of Pages: 176

Table of Contents: Chapter 1. Introduction; Dan Herbert  

Chapter 2. Vocational qualifications, university access and widening participation: setting the context; Debra Myhill and Sharon Morgan  
Chapter 3. Statistical analysis of national datasets: Exploring demographics, access and progression of students in higher education from vocational entry routes; Pallavi Amitava Banerjee 
Chapter 4. Ways of learning: Student voices on learning experiences across the transition; Debra Myhill and Sara Venner 
Chapter 5. Assessment practices: Student voices on their experiences of assessment across the transition; Debra Myhill and Rebecca Morris 
Chapter 6. Students' voiced experiences of social transitions: Facilitating a sense of belonging; Helen Mackenzie and Rebecca Morris 
Chapter 7. Lecturer perspectives on entry qualifications and how they affect student progress; Helen Lawson 
Chapter 8. Recommendations for policy and practice; Helen Lawson 
Chapter 9. Conclusions; Mital Kinderkhedia

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