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Philosophical Transactions A 2150: Bioinspired materials and surfaces for green science and technology (part 2)

Publisher: The Royal Society
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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781782523994
Author: Bharat Bhushan
Publication Date: 29-Jul-2019
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is issue presents an overview of recent developments in the field of bioinspired hierarchically structured materials and surfaces for green science and technology with a focus on liquid repellent/loving surfaces. The issue covers the breadth of the field and the authors are internationally recognized in their respective fields. All papers provide an overview along with new research data. An effort has been made by all contributors to include discussion on future outlook in their papers to identify where the field is going. This issue will also serve as a resource for practitioners and society at large. It is expected to generate the interest of those who are not active in the field but may benefit in the future

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