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Maimonides the Universalist: The Ethical Horizons of the Mishneh Torah

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781906764555
Author: Menachem Kellner/David Gillis
Publication Date: 31-Aug-2020
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Table of Contents:

  1. Knowledge: To Know Is To Love
  2. Love: Abraham, Moses, and the Meaning of Circumcision
  3. Seasons: Hanukah and Purim Reconfigured
  4. Women: Marital and Universal Peace
  5. Holiness: Commandments as Instruments
  6. Asseverations: Social Responsibility and Sanctifying God’s Name
  7. Agriculture: Sanctifying All Human Beings
  8. Temple Service: The Divinity of the Commandments
  9. Offerings: The Morality of the Commandments
  10. Ritual Purity: Intellectual and Moral Purity
  11. Damages: Who Is a Jew?
  12. Acquisition: Slavery versus Universal Humanity
  13. Civil Laws: God of Aristotle in the God of Abraham
  14. Judges: Messianic Universalism




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