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Introducing Oceanography, 2nd Edition

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781780460956
Author: David N. Thomas/David G. Bowers
Publication Date: 20-May-2021
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Number of Pages: 160

Table of Contents:

1. The water in the oceans; 2. Density and density flows; 3. Ocean waves; 4. Flow in the oceans; 5. The tides; 6. Stratification and fronts in shelf seas; 7. Light in the oceans; 8. Biology of the oceans; 9. Chemistry of the oceans; 10. Primary production in the oceans; 11. Ocean food webs; 12. Biology at the ocean extremes; 13 Changing oceans; 14. Sampling the oceans; Glossary; Further Reading.