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Theorizing the Sharing Economy: Variety and Trajectories of New Forms of Organizing

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781787561809
Author: Ed: Indre Maurer/Ed: Johanna Mair/Ed: Achim Oberg
Publication Date: 10-Apr-2020
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Number of Pages: 256

Table of Contents: Introduction: Theorizing Variety And Trajectories Of New Forms Of Organizing In The Sharing Economy; Indre Maurer, Johanna Mair, Achim Oberg 

Chapter 1. Market, Hierarchy, Or Clan? Types Of Governance In The Sharing Economy; Philipp C. Mosmann, Jennifer Klutt 
Chapter 2. Shaping Emotional Labour Practices In The Sharing Economy; Eliane Bucher, Christian Fieseler, Christoph Lutz, Gemma Newlands 
Chapter 3. An Institutional Logics Perspective On The Gig Economy; Koen Frenken, Taneli Vaskelainen; Lea Fünfschilling; Laura Piscicelli  
Chapter 4. The Sharing Economy As An Emerging And Contested Field - How Classic And Institutional Entrepreneurs Cope With Plural Theoretical Frames; Aurélien Acquier, Valentina Carbone, Laëtitia Vasseur
Chapter 5. Is The Sharing Economy A Field? How A Disruptive Field Nurtures Sharing Economy Organizations; Dominika Wruk, Tino Schöllhorn, Achim Oberg  
Chapter 6. Category Kings And Commoners: Within And Cross- Category Spill-Overs In The Sharing Economy; Pinar Ozcan, Kerem Gurses, Mareike Möhlmann 
Chapter 7. "Turning The Sharing Economy Into A Fair Economy …": Strategic Issue Work In The Vienna City Administration; Sebastian Vith, Markus A. Höllerer 
Chapter 8: Regulating The Sharing Economy: A Field Perspective; Stefan Kirchner, Elke Schüßler

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