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From Blofeld to Moneypenny: Gender in James Bond

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781838671631
Author: Ed: Steven Gerrard
Publication Date: 26-Mar-2020
Additional Information:

Number of Pages: 320

Table of Contents: Introduction; Steven Gerrard 

Part One: Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 
1. Keeping the British end up: James Bond and the varieties of Britishness; James Chapman 
2. The Patriotic Spy: For Queen, Empire and Dry Martinis; Jennie Lewis-Vidler 
3. Adapting the male hero: the comic strip adventures of James Bond; Robert Shail 
4. Seven James Bonds at Casino Royale; Wickham Clayton
5. Fitting Fleming's hero like a Savile Row suit: The tailoring of James Bond; Llewella Chapman 
Part Two: Bond Girls, Bond Women 
6. The Soviet Woman in Bond Films; Helena Bassil-Morozow 
7. Babes and Bullets: The representation of gender in Bond themes and title sequences; Shelley O’Brien 
8. Her Word Was Her Bond: Johanna Harwood, Bond's First Woman Screenwriter; Melanie Williams 
9. Her Majesty's Secret Service: Judi Dench's M and her monarchial tenure; Charlotte Allan 
10. Moneypenny: Jane or Eve? Ethos, pathos and the woman behind all Bonds; Octavio Aragão 
Part Three: Nobody Does It Better 
11. Loaded Magazines: James Bond and British men's mags in the Brosnan era; Claire Hines and Stephanie Jones 
12. Blofeld; Steven Gerrard 
13. Standard Operating Procedure. Boys with Toys: Hackers, Gamers and the Hegemony of Play in GoldenEye; Dean Bowman 
14. Miss Moneypenny and the Friend-Zone: The Indispensable and Sexually Unavailable 'Bond Girl'; Janelle Vermaak and Natalie Le Clue 
15. Celebrating 10 years of Idris Elba becoming James Bond any second now: fandom, ownership, and the alt-right; Renee Middlemost

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