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Youth and Development in Africa: Report of the Commonwealth Africa Regional Youth Seminar, Nairobi, November, 1969

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780850920239
Author: Commonwealth Secretariat
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1970
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Number of Pages: 232

Description: Report of a youth seminar that brought together experts in the field of youth organisation and training in Commonwealth Africa to share ideas and experiences. The seminar considered the problem of transition from a traditional to a modern society, and how to equip young people with the skills, attitudes and opportunities to make the transference. Topics included: training needs and structure, youth employment, finance, leadership, women, urban youth, young offenders and Commonwealth co-operation. The report will be useful for policy-makers both in government and in civil society.

Table of Contents: Foreword by Mr. Arnold Smith, Commonwealth Secretary-General Preface: Organisation and Activities of the Seminar Summary of the Main Ideas and Suggestions Opening Address by the Hon. Mwai Kibaki, M.P., Minister of Commerce and Industry, Government of Kenya Closing Address by the Hon. E.N. Mwendwa, M.P., Minister of Labour, Government of Kenya PART 1 Chapter 1 PROBLEMS AND POLICIES Training needs and problems The involvement of young people in policy-making, planning and implementation of youth programmes Training and employment Training for special sectors of youth Finance Administration Chapter II YOUTH TRAINING PROGRAMMES IN RURAL AREAS: Planning and Implementation The location and structure of training programmes The content of training programmes: vocational and non-vocational elements Youth activities of a largely social nature The role of national youth services Training and the generation of employment Follow-up Settlement schemes Problems of Youth settlements Chapter III OTHER FORMS OF TRAINING Programmes for urban youth The role of the formal school Involvement of university students Youth programmes and the rehabilitation of young offenders Programmes for young women Chapter IV SUPPORTING STRUCTURES: Factors relating to the Development of Programmes Evaluation Costs Leadership training Chapter V INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION (a) The organisation of international co-operation in the field of youth activities (b) The supply of overseas volunteers (c) An African Volunteer Force (d) Commonwealth Co-operation PART II Chapter VI ADDRESSES BY THE CONSULTANTS (i) Alec Dickson: "Young People: Needs and Opportunities" (ii) Archibald Callaway: "New Perspectives on the Youth Employment Problem in African Countries" (iii) Patrick van Rensburg: "Education and Training in Relation to Rural Development" Chapter VII A SELECTION OF DOCUMENTS (i) A.W. Wood: "Vocational and Social Training of Primary School Leavers in the African Countries of the Commonwealth" (ii) A.W. Wood: "The Experiment at Nyakashaka, Uganda" (iii) P.G. Batchelor: "Faith and Farm: A Community Orientated Rural Training Project in Nigeria" (iv) G.W. Griffin: "The role of National Youth Services" Appendix List of participants, consultants, observers and Secretariat staff.

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