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Absent the Archive: Cultural Traces of a Massacre in Paris, 17 October 1961

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781800348196
Author: Lia Brozgal
Publication Date: 30-Nov-2020
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Table of Contents: Acknowledgements
Introduction: The Scene of the Crime, The Crime of the Seen
Chapter 1: Excavating the Anarchive. An Archeaology of the Corpus
Chapter 2: Archive Stories, From Politics to Romances
Chapter 3: Non-lieux de mémoire: Maps and Graffiti in the Scriptable City
Chapter 4: The Seine’s Exceptional Bodies
Chapter 5: “How Lucky Were the Blond Kabyles”: Reading Race in the Anarchive
Chapter 6: The Entangled Stories of October 17, Vichy, the Jews, and the Holocaust
Epilogue: The Ends of the Anarchive
The Anarchive – Primary sources
Selected Secondary Sources