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Resolving Business Disputes: Resolving Business Disputes

Publisher: Spiramus
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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781913507008
Author: Resolving Business Disputes
Publication Date: 01-Jun-2020
Additional Information:

Resolving Business Disputes will give company directors, business executives and other commercial decision-makers a unique and essential insight into how to resolve business disputes and to reach the best outcomes by making effective decisions. The book is also aimed at dispute resolution lawyers, litigation funders and insurers.
It is a guide, explaining the unique choices created by commercial conflict, basic workings of the law about disputes, the main avenues of dispute resolution, the forecasting of litigation outcomes for cases going to court, the funding of legal cases, the management of the risk involved, the creation of a dispute strategy, how to make the best use of legal advice and how to negotiate effectively. Finally, by using objective criteria the guide explains how to decide whether to end a dispute by negotiated settlement or by taking a case all the way to a court judgment or other conclusion.
In view of the profound implications of Covid-19 for trade and commerce, the book also contains an introduction to key issues raised by the pandemic for the resolution of contract disputes.

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