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How the EU Institutions Work: Your handbook and guide to EU decision-making

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781838089801
Author: Erik Akse (ed.)
Publication Date: 08-Sep-2020
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EU legislation has major impacts on virtually every aspect of life in the EU Member States, as well as on many businesses and other stakeholders in non-member countries. However the EU decision-making process, with its complex and unique interplay between institutions and stakeholders, can seem an impenetrable mystery.

This book is a foundation text explaining systematically and comprehensively how this decision-making works. Successive chapters explain the role of each of the EU institutions in the legislative process, clearly describing each step in sequence. The book then moves on to showing how the interplay of the institutions, and the engagement of stakeholders, works in practical terms to shape legislation from start to finish.

Packed with timelines for how legislation is adopted, checklists of key points and actions, flowcharts and explanatory diagrams – this is a highly accessible resource for study, reference and planning.

Note: This book can be read as a standalone or in conjunction with How to Work with the EU Institutions: A Practical Guide to Successful Public Affairs in the EU (ISBN 9781838089818), which shows how stakeholders can engage successfully with and influence EU decision-making.

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