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Sustainable Transport and Tourism Destinations

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781839091285
Author: Ed: Luca Zamparini
Publication Date: 08-Feb-2021
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Number of Pages: 312

Table of Contents: Chapter 1. Introduction; Luca Zamparini 

Chapter 2. Changes of transport in cross-border tourist regions in the Polish-Slovak borderland: a (un)sustainable development?; Daniel Michniak , and Marek Więckowski 
Chapter 3. Tourist sustainable mobility at the destination. A case study of a Polish conurbation; Piotr Zientara , Magdalena Jażdżewska-Gutta, and Anna Zamojska
Chapter 4. Walking and Tourism: a stated preference GIS methodology towards the «StreetAdvisor» of tourists in Rome; Edoardo Marcucci, Stefano Carrese , Valerio Gatta, Andrea Gemma, and Michela Le Pira
Chapter 5. Environmental sustainability of city sightseeing cruises: A case study on battery-powered electric boats in Berlin, Germany; Ralph Wahnschafft, and Frank Wolter
Chapter 6. Sustainable tourism mobility in Malta: encouraging a shift in tourist travel behavior through an innovative smartphone app for trip planning; Suzanne Maas, Maria Attard, and Mark Bugeja 
Chapter 7. Tourists, residents and sustainable mobility in islands: the case of Ischia, Italy; Ila Maltese, and Luca Zamparini
Chapter 8. Sources of data to tackle the challenges of public transport provision in seasonal tourist destinations ; Daniel Miravet, Aaron Gutiérrez, and Antoni Domènech
Chapter 9. Validity of repeated applications of TDM measures toward sustainable development in tourism destinations: A case study on managing peak hourly congested traffic after the Formula 1 World Championship Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka; Kazuo Nishii, Kuniaki Sasaki, Masahiro Emori, ken Yokoyama, and Kesuike Saito 
Chapter 10. Cycle tourism as a driver for a sustainable local development. The case of a natural tourist destination in a North-Western area of Italy; Maggi Elena, Crotti D., Grechi D., and Ossola P.
Chapter 11. Proposals for sustainable transport in natural areas: A case study of Teide National Park; Rosa Marina González, and Ángel Simón Marrero 
Chapter 12. Conclusions; Luca Zamparini 

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