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Challenges On the Path Toward Sustainability in Europe: Social Responsibility and Circular Economy Perspectives

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781800439733
Author: Ed: Vesna Žabkar/Ed: Tjaša Redek
Publication Date: 04-Dec-2020
Additional Information:

Number of Pages: 380

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. The challenges on the path towards sustainability in the EU Vesna Zabkar, Tjaša Redek
Part 1: Where does Europe stand?
Chapter 2. Sustainable Development Goals in the EU and the Challenges in Their Implementation Tjaša Redek, Polona Domadenik, Matjaž Koman
Chapter 3. How far is the European Union from sustainable development goals Matjaž Koman, Polona Domadenik, Tjaša Redek
Part 2: The corporate and consumer perspective
Chapter 4. Strategic CSR: Mapping the state-of-the-art Barbara Čater, Urša Golob, Vesna Zabkar
Chapter 5. Towards better understanding of the corporate sustainability concept Tomaž Čater, Patricia Fux
Chapter 6. Why does a firm go bankrupt? Denis Marinšek
Chapter 7. Innovation for a Greener and More Profitable Future: A Conceptual Approach Polona Domadenik, Matjaž Koman, Francesco Pastore
Chapter 8. Environmental-sustainability aspect in the outsourcing of business-logistics services Marko Jakšič, Marko Budler
Chapter 9. Sustainable market exchange from the consumer perspective Barbara Culiberg, Mateja Kos Koklic, Vesna Zabkar, Katarina K. Mihelič
Part 3: The socio-economic and regulatory context of sustainable development
Chapter 10. National Transfer Accounts indicators of economic dependency in the EU countries Jože Sambt, Tanja Istenič
Chapter 11. Promoting well-being through intergenerational transfers and gender equality in 25 EU Countries Tanja Istenič, Jože Sambt, Daša Farčnik
Chapter 12. The importance of human capital for sustainability Daša Farčnik, Tanja Istenič
Chapter 13. Reinforcement of social sustainability through education and public intangible capital Eva Erjavec
Chapter 14. Over-regulation, degradation of the rule of law and  implementation of sustainable practices Mitja Kovac, Ann-Sophie Vandenberghe
Chapter 15. Towards a sustainable future: challenges ahead Aleksandar Kešeljević, Tjaša Redek, Vesna Zabkar

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