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Migration Practice as Creative Practice: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Migration

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781838677664
Author: Hack-Polay/Mahmoud/Rydzik/Rahman/Igwe/Bosworth
Publication Date: 13-Jan-2021
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Number of Pages: 240

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Introduction
PART 1. Historical And Contemporary Perspectives On Migration
Chapter 2. The Historical Construction Of Migration
Chapter 3. Contemporary Discourses On Migrant: The Role Of The Media
PART 2. Migrants, Culture And Identity
Chapter 4. Migration And Its Cultural Dynamic Capabilities
Chapter 5. Embodying The Spirit Of Globalisation
Chapter 6. Citizenship, Hybridity, Embeddedness And Dual Embeddedness
Chapter 7. Inter-Migrant And Inter-Community Relations
PART 3. Migrants And Economic Structures
Chapter 8. The Employment Situation Of Migrant Workers And Their Experience Of Work Life Pressures Chapter 9. Women’s Post-Migration Narratives Of Entrepreneurial Becoming
Chapter 10. Migrants As Creative Economic Forces And Contributions To The UK Local Economy
PART 4. Creative Research Methodologies
Chapter 11. Resilience Network Orentations As A New Approach In Reframing Migrants’ Employment Underperformance And Economic Dependency Rhetoric: New Directions For Migration Studies
Chapter 12. Metaphors In Migration Research: Beyond The Obvious
Chapter 13. Narrative
Chapter 14. Migrant Contributions To Australian Society
Chapter 15. A Humble Servant For Queen And Equality
Chapter 16. The Tragic Death Of Altab Ali And The Beginning Of Confrontation Against Racism And Fascism
Chapter 17. Conclusion

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