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Design Thinking and Innovation in Learning

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781800711099
Author: Ed: Ellen Taricani
Publication Date: 08-Feb-2021
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Number of Pages: 136

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Considering the need for Applied Innovation in Education; Ellen Taricani
Chapter 1. Little-known heritage and digital storytelling. School as protagonist in the rediscovery of the locality; Camilla Casonato, Nicoletta Di Blas, Manuela Fabbri, Luca Ferrari
Chapter 2. A multinational study of students' views on the use of technology and performance of online tasks; Patricia Fidalgo, Joan Thormann, Oleksandr Kulyk
Chapter 3. Creating and Ethos of Academic Integrity Using an Automated Online Management System; Michael-Brian C. Ogawa, Patricia Louis, Carolyn Kirio, Jenny Yamamoto
Chapter 4. Analysis of Hong Kong's Mathematics Curriculum; Wilfred W. F. Lau
Chapter 5. Design Thinking in Management Education: Case Studies from Lessons; Elvira Strakhovich
Chapter 6. Student engagement through collaborative construction of knowledge in Makerspaces; Ellen Taricani
Chapter 7. The Innovation of Pedagogy: towards a systematic approach for teaching in higher education; Ellen Th. W. Bastiaens, Theo J. Bastiaens
Afterword: Considerations on pedagogical approaches in education and design thinking; Xun Ge

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