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Early Careers in Education: Perspectives for Students and NQTs

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781839825859
Author: Ed: Aidan Gillespie
Publication Date: 19-Feb-2021
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Number of Pages: 184

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Alias the Jester - What can clowns tell us about teaching? Sean McCusker
Chapter 2. Getting creativity back into schools: How teachers can adopt a creative pedagogy; Sophie Cole
Chapter 3. Visible and invisible cultures: What teachers can learn about schools when applying for posts; Helen Woodley
Chapter 4. Praxis: Underpinning practice with theory in professional learning; Lucy Currie
Chapter 5. Tuning into the beach boys. Outcomes for boys in the Early Years; Karen Hudson
Chapter 6. Let's go on an adventure: Embracing and implementing intergenerational learning; Kay Heslop
Chapter 7. Playful science in the EYFS. Using continuous provision to support scientific learning in young children; Deborah Herridge
Chapter 8. Improving the quality of children's discussions about learning; Kirstin Mulholland
Chapter 9. On your marks, get set... TEACH! Joanne Clifford-Swann
Chapter 10. Behaviour for learning or behaviour management? Debbie Myers
Chapter 11. How can self-regulated learning support you at university and enhance your practice as a newly qualified teacher? Sue Oates
Chapter 12. Working with your Teaching Assistant; Lucy Barker
Chapter 13. Why teach outdoor learning in primary education? Lorain Miller
Chapter 14. Promoting dialogue in Technology Enhanced Learning; David Nichol
Chapter 15. Religious Education is broken so let's fix it; Aidan Gillespie
Chapter 16. Promoting cultural diversity: The importance of addressing misconceptions; Lisa Fox
Chapter 17. Making the switch: Career converting from industry to teaching; Michael Yarde
Chapter 18. The importance of identity and what I wish I knew before my PGCE; Mina Bell
Chapter 19. Understanding and responding to basic safeguarding concerns and processes in schools; William McGovern and Ruth McGovern
Chapter 20. Understanding responses in the classroom of children experiencing domestic abuse; Lucinda Gillespie

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