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Dynamic Future-Proofing: Integrating Disruption in Everyday Business

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781800435278
Author: Alexander Manu
Publication Date: 18-Feb-2021
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Number of Pages: 220

Table of Contents: Introduction: Integrating Disruption in Everyday Business

PART 1. Frameworks and Methods
Chapter 1.1. Conceptual Frameworks for a New Story
Chapter 1.2. The AIM Methodology in Future-proofing
Chapter 1.3. Distancing Amplified, Intensified and Maximised
PART 2. Mindsets for the Emerging Present
Chapter 2.1. The End of the Beginning (TEOTB)
Chapter 2.2. Foundational Technologies
PART 3. Dynamic Models of Engagement
Chapter 3.1. The Platform Mindset
Chapter 3.2. Dynamic Expectations
Chapter 3.3. The Platforming Framework
PART 4. Setting the Scene: Re-tooling
Chapter 4.1. Re-tooling and Future-proofing the Self
Chapter 4.2. The Richly Augmented Future
PART 5. Prototyping the Future
Chapter 5.1. The Future of Knowing
Chapter 5.2. Life Streaming Value
Afterword: Year 2060

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