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Sensory Penalities: Exploring the Senses in Spaces of Punishment and Social Control

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781839097270
Author: Kate Herrity/Bethany E. Schmidt/Jason Warr
Publication Date: 08-Feb-2021
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Number of Pages: 296

Table of Contents:

Foreword; Alison Liebling
Introduction: Welcome to the Sensorium; Kate Herrity, Bethany E. Schmidt, and Jason Warr
Part 1. Making Sense of the Sensory 
Chapter 1. Hearing Order in Flesh and Blood: Sensemaking and Attunement in the Pub and the Prison; Kate Herrity 
Chapter 2. Fire! Fire! The Prison Cell and the Thick Sensuality of Trappedness; Jason Warr 
Chapter 3. Sensing Supervision through Stories and Songs; Jo Collinson Scott and Fergus McNeill 
Chapter 4. Touching Life, Death and Dis/connection in a State Prison Infirmary; Daina Stanley    
Part 2. Sensing the Field 
Chapter 5. Sensing Transition: Exploring Prison Life in Post-Revolution Tunisia; Bethany E. Schmidt and Andrew M. Jefferson   
Chapter 6. Sensing Secrecy: Power, Violence and Its Concealment in Nicaraguan Prisons; Julienne Weegels  
Chapter 7. The Embedded Researcher: Experiencing Life in a Probation Approved Premises; Carla Reeves  
Chapter 8. Space, Surveillance, and Sound in Pre- and Post-Reform Prisons in the Dominican Republic; Jennifer Peirce 
Part 3. Subverting the Senses 
Chapter 9. Sensing and Unease in Immigration Confinement: An Abolitionist's Perspective; Victoria Canning  
Chapter 10. Rumbling Stomachs and Silent Crying: Mapping and Reflecting Emotion in the Sensory Landscape of the Courthouse; Lisa Flower 
Part 4. Sensory Reflections 
Chapter 11. Sensory Reflections on a Japanese Prison; Yvonne Jewkes and Alison Young 
Chapter 12. The Everything Else; Amy B. Smoyer 
Chapter 13. Ethiopian Notes; Ian O’Donnell 
Chapter 14. The Street as an Affective Atmosphere; Alistair Fraser
Afterword: Sensing Carceral Worlds; Eamonn Carrabine

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