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Aging and the Family: Understanding Changes in Structural and Relationship Dynamics

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781800714915
Author: Ed: Patricia Neff Claster/Ed: Sampson Lee Blair
Publication Date: 25-Feb-2021
Additional Information:

Number of Pages: 312

Table of Contents: Chapter 1. Older Adults and Care – Reshaped Family Roles in Societal Change. A Comparative Study between Japan, South Korea and Sweden; Els-Marie Anbäcken, Anna-Lena Almqvist, Carl Johansson, Kazushige Kinugasa, Miho Obata, Jinhee Hyun, Jinsook Lee, and Young Joon Park 

Chapter 2. The Care of Older Adults in The Vietnamese Family and Related Issues; Nguyen Huu Mi and Phan Thi Mai Huong 
Chapter 3. “Family Members do Give Hard Times”: Home Health Aides’ Perceptions of Worker-Family Dynamics in the Home Care Setting; Emily Franzosa, Emma K. Tsui
Chapter 4. The Relationship between Caregiving Duration, Paid Leave, and Caregiver Burden; Hien T. La, Cassandra L. Hua, J. Scott Brown 
Chapter 5. Gender Differences in Grandparent Caregiving and Life Satisfaction of Older Jamaicans; Nekehia T. Quashie, Julian G. McKoy Davis , Douladel Willie-Tyndale, Kenneth Jame, Denise Eldemire-Shearer 
Chapter 6. Caregiving Grandmothers and Depressive Symptoms in South Korea; Seung-won Emily Choi and Zhenmei Zhang 
Chapter 7. The Meaning of “Filial Piety” to Older Chinese Parents; Yiqing Yang  
Chapter 8. Geography Matters. The Role of Non-Cohabiting Elderly in the Individuals’ Perception about the Quality of Life in a Medium-Size Portuguese City; Rosalina Pisco Costa 
Chapter 9. Being Women and Growing Old – Social Construction of Identities and Experiences of Ageing in Contemporary Indian Families; Chitra S. Nair 
Chapter 10. Sexual Satisfaction in Long-Term Marriages: Studying the Effect of Nonsexual Predictors in Old Couples; Josip Obradović, Mira Čudina 
Chapter 11. Parental Divorce and Social Support Networks in Younger and Older Adults: Extending Modes of Biographical Disruption; Kelsey N. Mattingly 
Chapter 12. Social Network Experiences of Older Adults: Differences by Gender and Relationship Status;   Ashley E. Ermer 
Chapter 13. Marital Satisfaction in Older Adults; Brynn Thompson

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