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Tourism in the Mediterranean Sea: An Italian Perspective

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781800439016
Author: Ed: Filippo Grasso/Ed: Bruno S. Sergi
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2021
Additional Information:

Number of Pages: 428

Table of Contents: Chapter 1 Tourism for All: Economic Opportunities and Territorial Constraints for Sustainable Development; Carmen Bizzarri

Chapter 2. Archaeological Research, Dissemination of Knowledge, and Touristic Valorization in a Multi-Layered City: The Example of Taormina, Sicily; Lorenzo Campagna
Chapter 3. The Role of Sustainability for the Tourism Recovery in Italy; Federico Massimo Ceschin and Carmen Bizzarri
Chapter 4. A New Sustainable Way ... Together: The Ancient Routes in Sicily; Davide Comunale and Fabrizio Ferreri
Chapter 5. Religious Tourism and Sustainability: From Devotion to Spiritual Experience; Alessandro Cugini
Chapter 6. Place Awareness and Community Tourism: The Case of Sambuca di Sicilia; Fabrizio Ferreri
Chapter 7. Tourism Competitiveness in Mediterranean Countries: A Quantitative Approach; Romana Gargano
Chapter 8. Consuming Gastronomy While Traveling: What Do Tourist Want? Roberta Garibaldi, Matthew J. Stone, and Andrea Pozzi
Chapter 9. Tourism Planning and Resilience Strategies in Inner Areas: Communities in Action in the Madonie Area; Maurizio Giannone
Chapter 10. Tourism, Economic Growth and Sustainability in the Mediterranean Region; Filippo Grasso and Daniele Schilirò
Chapter 11. Responsibility and Sustainability in International Hotel Chains; Graziano Hermann
Chapter 12. Sustainable Accommodation in a Fragile Tourist Destination: The Matera Case; Nicolaia Iaffaldano, Sonia Ferrari, and Giovanni Padula
Chapter 13. For a Responsible, Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism; Bernadette Lo Bianco
Chapter 14. Roots Tourism: Opportunities for the Territories Deriving from Identity Journeys of Italian Emigrants; Tiziana Nicotera
Chapter 15. Eco-Sustainable Routes and Religious Tourism: An Opportunity for Local Development. The Case Study of Sicilian Routes; Giuseppe Notarstefano and Susanna Gristina
Chapter 16. Transport and Tourism Relationship; Francesca Pellegrino
Chapter 17. Connecting Locals and Visitors: The Case of Street Food; Manuela Pilato, Marco Platania, and Seraphin Hugues
Chapter 18. Tourism, Transport and Sustainability; Francesca Pellegrino
Chapter 19. The Economic Resilience of the Urban Destination in Sicily (Italy); Platania Marco
Chapter 20. Italy's Island Systems: Competitiveness in the Mediterranean Context; Giovanni Ruggieri and Patrizia Calò

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