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The Emerald International Handbook of Technology Facilitated Violence and Abuse

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781839828492
Author: Ed: Jane Bailey/Ed: Asher Flynn/Ed: Nicola Henry
Publication Date: 19-Feb-2021
Additional Information:

Number of Pages: 944

Table of Contents:

Introduction; Jane Bailey, Nicola Henry, and Asher Flynn 
Section 1 – TFVA Across A Spectrum of Behaviors
Chapter 1. Introduction; Jane Bailey 
Chapter 2. Is it Actually Violence? Framing Technology-Facilitated Abuse as Violence; Suzanne Dunn 
Chapter 3. “Not the Real World”: Exploring Experiences of Online Abuse, Digital Dualism, and Ontological Labor; Chandell Gosse 
Chapter 4. Polyvictimization in the Lives of North American Female University/College Students: The Contribution of Technology-Facilitated Abuse; Walter S. DeKeseredy, Danielle M. Stoneberg, and Gabrielle L. Lory 
Chapter 5. The Nature of Technology-Facilitated Violence and Abuse Among Young Adults in Sub-Saharan Africa; Olusesan Ayodeji Makinde, Emmanuel Olamijuwon, Nchelem Kokomma Ichegbo, Cheluchi Onyemelukwe, and Michael Gboyega Ilesanmi 
Chapter 6. The Face of Technology-Facilitated Aggression in New Zealand: Exploring Adult Aggressors’ Behaviors; Edgar Pacheco, and Neil Melhuish 
Chapter 7. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis: Technological Dimensions; Jane Bailey, and Sara Shayan 
Chapter 8. Attending to Difference in Indigenous People’s Experiences of Cyberbullying: Towards a Research Agenda; Bronwyn Carlson, and Ryan Frazer 
Section 2 - Text-Based Harms 
Chapter 9. Introduction; Nicola Henry 
Chapter 10. “Feminism is Eating Itself”: Women’s Experiences and Perceptions of Lateral Violence Online; Emma A. Jane 
Chapter 11. Claiming Victimhood: Victims of the “Transgender Agenda”; Ben Colliver
Chapter 12. Doxxing: A Scoping Review and Typology; Briony E. Anderson, and Mark A. Wood 
Chapter 13. Creating the Other in Online Interaction: Othering Online Discourse Theory; Elina Vaahensal
Chapter 14. Text-Based (Sexual) Abuse and Online Violence Against Women: Towards Law Reform?; Kim Barker, and Olga Jurasz 
Section 3 - Image-Based Harms 
Chapter 15. Introduction; Nicola Henry 
Chapter 16. Violence Trending: How Socially Transmitted Content of Police Misconduct Impacts Reactions Towards Police Among American Youth; Madeline Novich, and Alyssa Zduniak 
Chapter 17. Just Fantasy? Online Pornography’s Contribution to Experiences of Harm; Samantha Maree Keene
Chapter 18. Intimate Image Dissemination and Consent In A Digital Age: Perspectives From the Front Line; Olga Marques 
Section 4 – Dating Apps 
Chapter 19. Introduction; Asher Flynn 
Chapter 20. Understanding Experiences of Sexual Harms Facilitated Through Dating and Hook Up Apps Among Women and Girls; Elena Cama 
Chapter 21. “That’s Straight-up Rape Culture”: Manifestations of Rape Culture on Grindr; Christopher Dietzel Chapter 22. Navigating Privacy on Gay-Oriented Mobile Dating Apps; Ari Ezra Waldman 
Section 5 – Intimate Partner Violence & Digital Coercive Control 
Chapter 23. Introduction; Jane Bailey 
Chapter 24. Digital Coercive Control and Spatiality: Rural, Regional, and Remote Women’s Experience; Bridget Harris, and Delanie Woodlock 
Chapter 25. Technology-Facilitated Violence Against Women in Singapore: Key Considerations; Laura Vitis
Chapter 26. Technology as Both a Facilitator of and Response to Youth Intimate Partner Violence: Perspectives from Advocates in the Global-South; Gisella Ferreira Lopes 
Chapter 27. Technology-Facilitated Domestic Abuse and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women in Victoria Australia; Yee Man Louie 
Section 6 - Legal Responses 
Chapter 28. Introduction; Jane Bailey
Chapter 29. Human Rights, Privacy Rights and Technology-facilitated Violence; Elizabeth Coombs 
Chapter 30. Combating Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls: An Overview of the Legislative and Policy Reforms In the Arab Region; Sukaina Al-Nasrawi 
Chapter 31. Image-Based Sexual Abuse: A Comparative Analysis of Criminal Law Approaches in Scotland and Malawi; Seonaid Stevenson-McCabe and Sarai Chisala-Tempelhoff 
Chapter 32. Revenge Pornography and Rape Culture in Canada’s Non-Consensual Distribution Case Law; Moira Aikenhead
Chapter 33. Reasonable Expectations of Privacy in an Era of Drones and Deepfakes: Expanding the Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision in R v Jarvis; Kristen Thomasen, and Suzanne Dunn 
Chapter 34. Doxing and the Challenge to Legal Regulation: When Personal Data Becomes a Weapon; Anne Cheung 
Chapter 35. The Potential of Centralized and Statutorily-Empowered Bodies to Advance a Survivor-Centered Approach to Technology-Facilitated Violence Against Women; Pam Hrick  
Section 7 - Responses Beyond Law 
Chapter 36. Introduction; Asher Flynn 
Chapter 37. Technology-Facilitated Violence Against Women and Girls in Public and Private Spheres: Moving From Enemy to Ally; Alison J. Marganski, and Lisa A. Melander 
Chapter 38. As Technology Evolves, So Does Domestic Violence: Modern-Day Tech Abuse and Possible Solutions; Eva PenzeyMoog, and Danielle C. Slakoff 
Chapter 39. Threat Modeling Intimate Partner Violence: Tech Abuse as a Cybersecurity Challenge in the Internet of Things; Julia Slupska, and Leonie Maria Tanczer 
Chapter 40. Justice on the Digitized Field: Analyzing Online Responses to Technology-Facilitated Informal Justice Through Social Network Analysis; Ella Broadbent, and Chrissy Thompson 
Chapter 41. Bystander Apathy and Intervention in the Era of Social Media; Robert D. Lytle, Tabrina M. Bratton, and Heather K. Hudson 
Chapter 42. “I Need You All to Understand How Pervasive this Issue Is”: User Efforts to Regulate Child Sexual Offending on Social Media; Michael Salter, and Elly Hanson 
Chapter 43. Governing Image-Based Sexual Abuse: Digital Platform Policies, Tools, and Practices; Nicola Henry, and Alice Witt  
Chapter 44. Calling All Stakeholders: An Intersectoral Dialogue About Collaborating to End Tech-Facilitated Violence and Abuse; Jane Bailey, and Raine Liliefeldt C
Conclusion; Jane Bailey, Asher Flynn, and Nicola Henry

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