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Clan and Tribal Perspectives on Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability: Indigenous Stories From Around the Globe

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781789733662
Author: James C. Spee/Adela J. McMurray/Mark D. McMillan
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2021
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Number of Pages: 252

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Sustainable Relationships Are the Foundation of Tribal and Clan Perspectives; James C. Spee, Adela McMurray and Mark McMillan
Theme 1: Civilisations and Sustainability
Chapter 2. Sustainable Indigenous Water Rights; Deborah Wardle
Chapter 3. Indigenous Ontologies in 'Caring for Country'; Indigenous Australia's Sustainable Customs, Practices and Laws; Virginia Marshall
Theme 2: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Chapter 4. Indigenous Entrepreneurs in Australia: Past, Present, and Future; Bella L. Galperin, Meena Chavan and Salahudin Muhidin
Chapter 5. Māori Social Enterprise: A Case Study; Ruth Hephzibah Orhoevwri
Theme 3: Leadership in Tribes and Clans
Chapter 6. Quechua/Aymara Perspective of Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability in the Bolivian Andes: Sustainability and Contradictions in Bolivia's Royal Quinoa Heartland; Tamara Stenn
Chapter 7. Leadership Lessons in Sustainability from Elders and Events in Historical Clan Survival Stories; Andrew Creed, Ambika Zutshi and Brian Connelly
Theme 4: Politics and Policy in Tribal and Clan Organisations
Chapter 8. Jirga, Its Role and Evolution in Pakistan's Pashtun 'Tribal' Society: Pashtun Jirga in Pakistan; Farooq Yousaf
Chapter 9. Effectiveness of 'Traditional' Conflict Resolution and Transformation Strategies: Traditional Conflict Resolution; Farooq Yousaf
Chapter 10. The Resolution by the White Earth Anishinaabe Nation to Protect the Inherent Rights of Wild Rice; Lawrence W. Gross
Theme 5: Tribal and Clan Views on Health and Well Being
Chapter 11. Therapeutic Landscapes and Indigenous Culture: Māori Health Models in Aotearoa/New Zealand; Jacqueline McIntosh, Bruno Marques and Rosemary Mwipiko
Chapter 12. Fire, Stories and Health; Deborah Wardle, Faye McMillan and Mark McMillan, 
Chapter 13. Ubuntu Identity, the Economy of Bomvana Indigenous Healers, and their Impact on Spiritual and Physical Wellbeing of an African Indigenous Community; Chioma Ohajunwa

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