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Recent Developments in Asian Economics

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781838673604
Author: Ed: William A. Barnett/Ed: Bruno S. Sergi
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2021
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Number of Pages: 604

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. The Impact of Online Market toward Social Welfare on Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) Era: A Case at Bulan Terang Utama (BTU) Online Market Malang; Ermita Yusida, Vika Annisa Qurrata, Vidya Purnamasari and Wen-Chi Huang 
Chapter 2. Structural Equation Model on Triple Bottom Line Performance of Large Manufacturing Companies in Region XII, Philippines; Vergil Joseph I. Literal and Eugenio S. Guhao, Jr. 
Chapter 3. Determinants of Students’ Perceptions of the Green University; Sylvia Veronica Siregar and Bayu Tenoyo 
Chapter 4. Analysis on Sources of Inefficiency in the Construction Sector: High Cost of Infrastructure Development in Indonesia; Anang Muftiadi, Rivani and Dian Fordian 
Chapter 5. Can Reelection Strengthen the Relationship Between Local Government Spending and Financial Performance?; Hidayah Asfaro Saragih and Dyah Setyaningrum 
Chapter 6. Integrating Interdisciplinary Studies with the HCM Accounting Certificate to Reach the Milestone of Finalizing Post-Crisis Reforms (Basel III) Considering the Aggravating Effect of the COVID-19 Deficit; John P. Koeplin and Pascal Lélé 
Chapter 7. A Vulnerability Spillover Index for the Indian Financial System; Indrani Manna 
Chapter 8. Is Inflation Targeting Successful in Emerging Economies?; Vidhi Agarwal and Taniya Ghosh 
Chapter 9. Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on FDI inflows: Evidence from India; Aishanee Sinha and Taniya Ghosh 
Chapter 10. Consumption Life and Satisfaction of Chinese Rural Residents; Liying Xia, Jianbo Zhang and Xuelin Ma 
Chapter 11. The Impact of Institutional Quality on Stock Market Performance in Emerging Economy: Evidence from the ARDL Bound Approach; Woon Leong Lin, Aneeq Inam and Siong Hook Law 
Chapter 12. Herding Behavior: Evidence from Southeast Asian Stock Markets; Harjum Muharam, Aditya Dharmawan, Najmudin and Robiyanto Robiyanto
Chapter 13. Private Information from Extreme Price Movements (Empirical Evidences from Southeast Asia Countries); Usman Arief and Zaäfri Ananto Husodo 
Chapter 14. The Impacts of Divisia Money on MYR/USD Exchange Rate Determination in Malaysia; Choi-Meng Leong, Chin-Hong Puah, Venus Khim-Sen Liew and Nadiya Matviychuk-Soskina 
Chapter 15. Modelling Exchange Market Pressure in East Asian Economies; Evan Lau, Jenny Yong and Nurul Bariyah 
Chapter 16. The Impact of Equity Historical Market Price on Capital Structure; Miswanto Miswanto 
Chapter 17. Sharia Disclosure, Sharia Supervisory Board and the Moderating Effect of Regulatory Framework: The Impact on Soundness of Islamic Banking; Siti Khomsatun, Hilda Rossieta, Fitriany and Mustafa Edwin Nasution 
Chapter 18. Implementation Green Banking and Financial Performance of Commercial Bank in Indonesia; Tria Ratnasari, Arni Surwanti and Firman Pribadi 
Chapter 19. The Implementation of Human Capital Disclosures on the Financial Statements of Local Governments in Indonesia based on the Institutional Theory; Henny Murtini, Djoko Suhardjanto, Djuminah and Agung Nur Probohudono 
Chapter 20. Disclosure, Information Asymmetry and The Cost of Equity Capital: Evidence from Indonesia; Erna Setiany and Djoko Suhardjanto 
Chapter 21. Financial Technology and Bank Risk: A Cross Country Study; Nugroho Saputro, Ariyanto Adhi Nugroho and Irwan Trinugroho 
Chapter 22. The Use of Discretionary Spending as an Opportunistic Motive to Win the Election; Dewi Darmastuti and Dyah Setyaningrum 
Chapter 23. The Dynamic Impacts of Financial Determinants and Ownership Concentration towards Firm Survival in Malaysia; Suzaida Bakar and Bany Ariffin Amin Noordin
Chapter 24. Heterogeneity of Inflation Expectations: An Analysis using IESH data; Ashima Goyal and Prashant Parab

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