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Flapjacks and Feudalism: Social Mobility and Class in The Archers

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781800713895
Author: Ed: Cara Courage/Ed: Nicola Headlam
Publication Date: 16-Mar-2021
Additional Information:

Number of Pages: 376

Table of Contents: Preface: The Haves and Have Nots: Wealth and Value in Ambridge; Cara Courage and Nicola Headlam 

Section 1 – It’s who you know, and what you know about them  
Chapter 1. The Grundys and their Oppressors; Keith Flett 
Chapter 2. Two-in/one-out: network power, kin-keeping and ‘airtight’ distinction; Nicola Headlam  
Section 2 – The Fall of The House of Aldridge, the Rise of the Oppressed Grundys? 
Chapter 3. ‘If you have security, Ed, that is everything’: Deconstructing ‘security’ as a buffer against life’s challenges; Lalage Cambell 
Chapter 4. ‘Feeding the Horses’: Modern Slavery, the dark side of construction hidden in plain sight in Ambridge; Nicola Headlam 
Chapter 5. Borsetshire Businessman or Feckless Farmer?; Christine Narramore 
Chapter 6. What to do when you’re no longer Borsetshire’s Businessperson of the Year or How to handle a scandal; Olivia Vandyk 
Section 3 - Family function and dysfunction 
Chapter 7. Contemporary social problems in a rural setting: using The Archers in Social Work Education; Helen Burrows 
Chapter 8. Academic Archers Assembly: Putting the parents on trial; Cara Courage 
Chapter 9. Accent and Identity in Ambridge: The link between spoken language and identity; Rob Drummond
Chapter 10. ‘We Should have called him Damien’: A discussion of the impact of Henry Archer’s early years on potential crimes of the future; Nicola Maxfield  
Chapter 11. Fear, fecklessness and flapjacks: Imagining Ambridge’s offenders; Charlotte Bilby 
Section 4 – Housing and the Ambridge Fairy 
Chapter 12. Rich Relatives or Ambridge Fairy?: Patronage and expectation in Ambridge housing pathways; Claire Astbury  
Chapter 13. Staying in the Spare Room: Social Connectedness and Household Co-residence in The Archers; Paula Fomby 
Chapter 14. Can’t Afford The Laurels?: Care Provision in Ambridge in 2041; Ruth Heilbronn and Rosalind Janssen 
Section 5 - It takes a village…  
Chapter 15. Parents, siblings, and the pursuit of power: Predicting the future leaders of Ambridge; Timothy Vercellotti  
Chapter 16. ‘From the moment those two joined the committee it’s been grunge bands, sumo wrestlers and souffle competitions’: What Ambridge’s civil society says about UK politics in 2019;  Amy Saunders 
Chapter 17. A divided village: A narrative study using a theoretical lens of speculative ontology; Maggie Bartlett

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